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Once upon a time there was a planet called Seplis its people were very strong and proud they had special powers given to them by a stone called the Gregar. They worshipped the stone and adored it, all things went good until one day a man called john with an average life wanted more power than he was given by the stoneand at that point he decided to steal the stone and researched on it. Soon the people realized the stone was missing and they searched everywhere for it for years but it wasn’t found.

Meanwhile, John was hiding and researching on how he could get more power from the stone. He finally succeededafter few years of research and was able to transfer power at will, not knowing the consequences .so he empowered himself more,but what john didn’t know was that he had offset the balance of the stone thereby turning the stone from being“love” to feeding on pain, hatred and anger and thirst for more power.
John now felt godlike, corrupted by the same stone and muchstronger and powerful than the rest of his people. He returned to his people and people wanted justice for what he did but to no avail they succeeded not.Only john took down thousands of his people and proclaimed being god over them.

Many years passed by, while john still ruled his people but over the years the stone was collecting all its power from his people because john wanted more and giving it to john making him stronger which led to the side effect of his people dying one by one because the stone had attached itself to a life force of anyone it gives power , if the power were removed death would be swift for that person. Meanwhile john had a family of his ownwhichwere also getting affected over the years by the stone. John, didn’t know how to stop this from happening, time passed and the people kept on dying due to john’s lust for power, john then realized the damage he had caused but was too late to stop it. Then his wife died followed by his two daughters.
John then decided to sacrifice himself because of pain that he felt when his wife and daughters died but death was the only solution to stop this.

John sacrificed his life and gave back the power he possessed to the stone and severed the link of the stone from his people to prevent further harm and casted it out to space and then he died and his people were saved but no longer had powers.

Hundreds of thousands of years passed when the stone found its way to Earth with great speed like a comet and landed on Earth. At the time man was still in the primitive age and had not advanced in weapons or in means of livelihood.

There was a family called Cronesand they seemed not to have any means of survival without the help of people, they depend on other families for food they are all disabled. The father’s name was carter and the mother’s name was shella and they had two boys whose names where nexar and zatare they were twins .

The villagers used to make jest of them because they were disabled and could not survive alone without help and were considered and seen as pest and outcast to the village. A disease at that the time the villagers called venum which only the crones were infected with, which was feared by the people that it might one day affect them too.

The people then decided to no longer help them and casted them to live alone or leave the village for they were no longer going care about what happens to them, but only one man called Athruk was willing to help them and sacrifice his time , food and life for the crones family.

Everyday , he hunts for not only himself but for his new family which he chose to be with. Athruk’s family were dead due to war consequences by other villages and ever since has been doing things alone until he decided to be part of the crones family.

The villagers called Athruk a fool for helping them and that he might catch the disease but he didn’t listen to them but kept on helping , besides he was all they had and he knew that but had no choice but to keep helping.

Meanwhile, the disease was caused by the stone(Gregar) which was from seplis . The stone was compatible with who ever caught the disease because the stone released its energy when it got to Earth and only those who were affected with its energy could absorb its power with contact and the stone landed not too far from the village where the crones lives, which affected the crones family only in the village.

A day came when nexar and zatar begged Athruk to take them hunting with him, Athruk disagreed at first due to their condition but they begged him and insisted they wanted to go hunting with him, eventually Athruk agreed and soon were on their way. When they got to their destination nexar and zatare watched him hunt.

Then they decided to look around not too far from Athruk so they could be found easily .something then happened, they started feeling a strange energy which was coming from the stone not too far from where they were ,then they decided to trace what they were feeling inside and then eventually saw the stone(Gregar).

At that point when Athruk had finished hunting and was looking for nexar and zatare and wondering how they got so far with their condition, eventually he found them but to his greatest surprise nexar and zatare where cured and healed and could walk. And then he asked how this was possible but they had no explanation than they started feeling an energy close by and decided to trace it and they found a stone and they both touched it and didn’t know what happened next, and all they knew was that they were cured and could walk and are much stronger.

Nexar and zatare were so amazed and happy and astonished of what they have become and couldn’t wait to tell their parents, meanwhile the villagers had a plan to kill the crones family because they were afraid of the disease spreading and also tired of taking the risk for the it was incurable to them but not knowing Athruk took nexar and zatare with him when he left for hunting.

They went back home and unfortunately their parents were dead already killed by the villagers in order to end their suffering while waiting for nexar and zatare so they could be eliminated too, for the people feared what they didn’t understand .
Filled with tears , sadness and so much anger the brothers fled to come back for revenge for they were still young, Athruk followed them and fled away from the village and went to a mountain.

Nexar and zatare trained day and night trying to master their power and unlock their hidden strengths . Nexar is older than zatare and had to protect each other,Athruk became their father, brother and everything. He help them train and they grew to be fine men, and at age twenty Athruk took them to a village called Macol village where they could live and till they are to strike back and get revenge on their parent’s death. Three years passed by when zatare fell in love with a young and beautiful woman called shella which was also his mother’s name.

She is gorgeous and stunning and each time zatare saw her he was reminded of his mother and tears would drop from his eyes, deciding never to let anything bad come her way because he loves her just as much. Few more years passed and the two brothers kept exploring their powers and training hard. Athruk kept taking care of them and hide their secrets about their powers.

Four years later after zatare and shella had gotten married and had a son named Michael and were living fine while zatare kept his power in secret from his wife and his son was still young, and telling her he and nexar were always going to work , meanwhile Athruk goes hunting and sells some of what he caught and took some home. quicklymacol village became a successful trade zone for other villages to come trade.

And the news spread as macol village grew in population and wealth, invaders heard of how prosperous macol village had gotten and decided to invade and capture loved ones of the villagers and order ransom from them and if demand were not met they kill them. The notorious invaders call themselves Dotches and are very famous for what they do and they were power and with no mercy eliminate whoever stand in their way. The villages feares them greatly because whichever village they choose to attack, people died and were in boundage, and they seem to be everywhere and had connections scouting for the next successful village to be their victim, they had spices everywhere to tell them the next village to attack.

And since macol village has been prosperous over the years and wealthy people became more and the vast land they had drew the dotches and it was the next target.
Eventually the dotches arrived at macol and and captured few people including shella and her son (Michael) , demanded a ransom or they will be killed if demands are not met and are given few hours to deliver.
When Athruk, zatare and nexar got back they couldn’t find shella and Michael at home and were told by people what happened and seeing a lot of families crying , zatare was in rage and decided to go search for the invaders and kill them, Athruk and nexar followed him to help out.

One of the spy of the dotches quickly went to report the situation that there were three men looking for them to kill them and assuring the victims to punish whoever took their family, on hearing this the dotches were annoyed and angry as this has never happened to them before for they were greatly feared by villages. So they decided to set an example and use shella and Michael ,for the spy found out the names of the men coming for them which were Athruk, nexar and zatare were associated with shella and her son.

The dotches killed shella and her son and sent the heads as example for the rest to co-operate or else more will die.
On their way seeking the whereabouts of the invaders, Athruk, zatare and nexar heard the rumor that the dotches have killed some macol villagers as an example and sent their heads as reminder to co-operate. Quickly Athruk, zatare and nexar rushed back to the village. On getting to the village there was shouting and crying, then zatare saw his wife and son’s head both on the floor surrounded by people.

Immediately zatare’s rage became uncontrolable and instantly unlocked his powers, the whole villagers where afraid for they had never seen anything like this before as chaos was everywhere . One of zatare’s ability was he could sense where the invaders(Dotches) were as he touched his wife and son’s head.

The darkness of the stone activated by zatare with so much hate and anger and the hunger to kill all dotches . zatare suddenly had immense knowledge and great abilities and power, and in seconds zatare was no where to be found.
Athruk and nexar couldn’t locate where he had just gone and were confused , meanwhile zatare was already where the dotches were.The dotches are many in number and are highly skilled powerful butbhad never seen the kind of power zatare showed them. In seconds the all the dotches in that area where dead and blood was everywhere.

After killing all the dotches connected to his wife and son’s death nearby, still wasnt satisfied and the darkness within him grew and from that moment zatare said he wasgoing to rule the world and be the judge to the people on earth.
Zatare never went back to macol village where his family was, while nexar and Athruk were searching from village to village where he could be, months passed they still could not find him but found and heard rumours of a signle man that killed so many dotches in a blink of an eye.

Time passed and nexar knew his brother had changed and didnt want to be found, so he had to get stronger to have the power to face his brother and bring him back from his pain and anger, little did they know that zatare had changed , hunting and killing the dotches had made him ruthless and gradually making him evil and he no longer cared much about people or showed any love to anyone and was consumed by hatred which had grown in him.

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