AC Milan, Bonucci admits: ‘We were scared. Astori? Farewell Davide…’

08 March at 23:20

Leonardo Bonucci spoke to Sky Sport after the Milan-Arsenal (0-2) game, here is what he had to say on the matter:

” We did not have the right mentality right from the get go. We were a little scared since we are so young. Let’s hope we learn from this. Return leg? It is hard but we will have to give it a go. Anything can happen in football so we have to stay positive. Arsenal ran a lot and they have a lot of quality but we also made mistakes. We didn’t play as a team so that’s what you get. We had to be smarter and more responsible with the ball, this we know. Mistakes? We were too nervous and excited, everyone made mistakes. In the second half we played with more courage but it wasn’t enough. Credit to Arsenal, who played a great first half. Astori? Ciao Davide, I couldn’t come and say farewell to you today. I was very affected by his passing as I will always carry him with me. He was a great player and a great captain…”.

Bonucci got very emotional when he talked about his former Azzurri teammate Davide Astori.

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