Barzagli discusses Scudetto race between Juventus and Napoli

09 March at 12:40

During an interview with Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, Juventus central defender Andrea Barzagli discussed Wednesday night’s victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley, as well as the Serie A title race between the Bianconeri and Napoli. Here is what he had to say:

AGE – “I don’t hide the fact that sometimes my age can weigh on me. The most important thing is to stay healthy, mentally and physically. As long as I keep training well and doing what I can to prevent injuries, then I will always give my best. Once I slow down, everyone will notice and then I’ll have to stop playing. Now, I can’t play as many matches consecutively because my body does not allow me to but I am always ready when called upon.”

ROLE – “I suffered playing as a full-back against Tottenham. I’m always available and, when you face certain players, you must try to limit them as much as possible. I suffered much less when we changed formation, but anyone would struggle against Son. He moves at 2,000 miles per hour, but I could have done a lot better.”

NAPOLI – “Our strength lies with the fact we have a certain type of DNA. When we have to suffer, we all suffer; even our top players are always available to help the team. We could never play like Napoli, nor could they ever play like us. They have a different style and another way of working. In the end, we only remember who wins as that is the most important thing. We would love to be like Barcelona or Ajax, but we have these characteristics and, as long as we continue winning, that’s fine.”

Jordan Russell (@JordRuss96)

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