Chelsea, Fabregas: ‘I don’t know If I’d celebrate goal against Barcelona’

12 March at 10:45

Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas doesn’t know if he would celebrate a goal against Barcelona, the Spaniard told Marca (via Mundo Deportivo).

Fabregas is a product of Barcelona academy and played for the Catalans’ senior team from 2011 till, after making return to the Camp Nou from Arsenal.

“I am motivated, I have good feelings”, Fabregas said.

“I don’t mind playing against my past, against my friends. As I said I am really motivated I want nobody to doubt that I want the best for my current club.”

“My return in Barcelona is not important. The game between Chelsea and Barça is all that matters. I don’t know if I’d celebrate a goal against my former team. It’s a feeling you have in a determined moment, you can’t decide before. I can’t say I am not going to celebrate a goal but you never know what can happen. Messi? It’s hard to stop him but we’ll do anything we can to make him feel uncomfortable and create him troubles.”

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