Visual: Only one team has scored against Juventus in 2018

15 March at 20:25

It’s difficult to measure dominance in football. Oftentimes, the stats columns of matches feature incongruity between possession percentages, total shots or shots on target, and the final score.

However, when you look at the first two-and-a-half months of Juventus’ 2018, you can find a stark pattern which indicates just how successful they’ve been.

The three goals they allowed to Tottenham over two legs of their Champions League matchup are the only three goals they’ve allowed across all competitions this calendar year.

They’ve played 14 matches in 2018, and have secured 12 shutouts. The only points they’ve dropped during that time were the two during their 2-2 draw with the Spurs in Torino. Since January 1st, they’ve secured an astonishing 40 of a possible 42 points.

The last time they allowed a goal to any opponent other than Tottenham was December 30th, during a 3-1 victory over Hellas Verona.

They defeated Atalanta 2-0 on Wednesday night in Torino.

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