Monchi on Barcelona draw:’We did not have much luck’

16 March at 14:15

Roma Sporting Director Monchi spoke with Premium Sport after the Champions League draw: “We did not have much luck but we have to play it. I have confidence in my team. I know that Roma is respected, we will have our chances, we will have to play an important match, and it will be difficult but we will have to have the right mentality.”

Monchi continued, “It is a unique opportunity to understand that in football you play eleven against eleven and that all teams have the opportunity to progress. Barcelona is a difficult team to face because there is not only Messi, but Rome can win.”

“Napoli interested in Alisson? For the respect of this day of the draw, I smile. I read something and it makes me smile. It is not accurate news. The Barcelona of Valverde compared to the last year’s side? He is more balanced, he has improved a lot in defense with this 4-4-2 and they are a team that has grown a lot as a collective.”

“Worried about me in Spain and being aware of Alisson? My presence is not important, and Alisson will surely give more than me. The return home? I prefer to play the return leg at home. If we are able to get out of the Camp Nou with a chance then with the full Olympico we can have our say”

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