AC Milan, Suso: here is his clause as many clubs have interest in him

17 March at 22:12

Suso has been one of Milan’s best players over the past two seasons but he has been struggling a little of late. He had a difficult time in both games against Arsenal in the Europa league as the rossoneri will surely hoping to get the real Suso back for this end to the season.

HE ISN’T THE ONLY GIFTED PLAYER ANYMORE – Gattuso’s arrival has helped revive Milan but at the same time, Suso doesn’t seem to be as efficient. Suso has only scored 1 goal in his last 13 games but he did deliver the winning assist last week-end as André Silva headed home the winner against Genoa. With Calhanoglu now re-discovered, Milan have been attacking on both flanks which can perhaps explain Suso’s recent struggles.

CLAUSE AND SCENARIOS – Suso was not called up by the Spanish national team for their games against Argentina and Germany as he will still be hoping for a World Cup call-up. To do so, he will have to do better which is what Milan are also hoping. His current clause is set at 38 million euros as many big clubs like Liverpool have their eyes on him. The rossoneri would like to re-discuss this number with his agent Alessandro Lucci but this remains to be seen. Milan’s main objective is to finish in the top 4 which might also be crucial to keep Suso in Milan…

By Daniele Longo, adapted and translated by Jean-Luca Mascaro

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