Lukaku guarantees Man Utd will sign ‘a lot of good players’

18 March at 20:00

Romelu Lukaku has assured Manchester United fans that the club will sign “a lot of good players” in the summer after what has been a difficult week for the Premier League giants.

United were knocked out of the Champions League midweek by an unfancied Sevilla side, prompting manager Jose Mourinho to question the club’s “football heritage.”

Lukaku, however, is unconcerned about his team’s future. The striker was eager to stress that one good transfer window could help bridge the gap to United’s crosstown rivals — and Premier League champions-in-waiting — Man City.

“We are Manchester United, we have to improve every year and I know that a lot of players, a lot of good players, will come in next season. That’s for sure,” said Lukaku after Saturday’s win.

“That is something I look forward to, in order to improve the squad, and what the manager also looks forward to because next year we have to win. We will have to try and win as many trophies as we can.”

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