Baggio: ‘Juve will qualify against Real Madrid’

20 March at 19:26

Former Juventus star Roberto Baggio spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport during the 116thbirthday party of Vicenza, the club where the legendary “Divin Cordino” started his career.

He said: “This season is great. Napoli are doing very well. I think Juventus are a little bit ahead with Dybala and Higuain. Let’s talk about two exceptional players If you think Dybala is great, look at what Higuain did against Tottenham. Two crazy things.  Even though Real Madrid will be a challenge, I believe that Juventus can compete with them.

Juventus and defending Champions of Europe, Real Madrid will lock horns during the quarter-finals of this season’s Champions League.

Baggio represented the Italian national team from 1988-2004 and scored 27 goals from 56 games. He is famous for having missed the penalty kick during the 1994 world cup final against Brazil which ultimately led to Italy suffering heartbreak and losing the final.

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