Juventus legend: Gigi Di Biagio doesn’t have the CV to be Italy Coach

21 March at 09:50

Gigi Di Biagio has one major critic: former Juventus star Claudio Gentile. 

The ex-Italy defender, who was part of Italy’s World-Cup winning squad back in 1982, claimed that the former Inter and Roma midfielder “failed with the Under-21 squad” in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If someone wins and are sent away, while those who don’t win are kept on, the something is wrong,” Gentile said. He has some experience of these things, since his Coach back in 1982, Cesare Bearzot, had previously succeeded with the country’s youth setup.

Di Biagio has been named as Italy’s temporary Coach, while the Federation nominates a new president, who will presumably pick a new manager. The Azzurri missed out on their first World Cup finals appearance since 1958 when they were knocked out by Sweden in the playoffs.

According to Gentile, Di Biagio “failed with the Under-21 despite having six players of the Senior team, having said that it was the best squad of the last 20 years.”

“National Coaches have been named to this post after earning positive results with the Under-21s. In this case I don’t think that he has the credentials of his predecessors, but he could be a good temporary solution,” concluded Gentile.

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