Figc, Fabbricini: ‘Di Biagio? We haven’t talked about the future…’

23 March at 21:55

Figc’s Roberto Fabbricini spoke to RMC Sport ahead of the Argentina vs Italy game, here is what he had to say on the matter:

“We are starting tonight in Manchester, I know that we will do well. This is a very nice group we have here, they are motivated and concentrated on the job ahead. This is not a friendly game for them and for us either which is why we want to do well. We have a ton of great lads who want to do well in these coming games. It won’t be easy but we will try. Coach? Gigi Di Biagio is very relaxed and motivated to do well. We haven’t had any discussions concerning the future but let’s see. It’s been two months that we have been evaluating possibilities but the candidates that we like all have contractual restrictions. We are calm and we will be patient as well. One thing is certain, the azzurri coach will be Italian. We will make our decision before the start of the next football season but it could happen sooner. It will depend on the availabilities that our candidates have…”.


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