Marotta on Italian football: ‘Emulate Spanish, German youth, invest in coaches’

25 March at 14:46

Juventus CEO, Beppe Marotta, recently spoke to La Stampa about the current condition of Italian football. Marotta expressed the impossibility of fielding a team comprised solely of Italian players but that Juve has maintained an Italian core throughout their successes and he hopes to continue that.

Also underlining his statements was a push to emulate the models of Spain and Germany and to not shy away from naturalized players with roots in other countries.

What has changed?
“The quality of young Italians decreased and even the smaller clubs have greartly increased international scouting: the selection is wider and that increases the chances of finding players at reasonable prices.”

Italian/Foreign players?
“Foreigners are important, big clubs in particular import champions to win, but to field Italians gives a great sense of belonging: Juve’s cycle coincided with an Italian core and one of our objectives is not to do away with this heritage”

How can the quality be recovered?
“Through a policy of enhancing the youth sectors, with the establishment of federal centers on the German or Spanish model. The concept of training should be improved. It is essential to invest in trained coaches, all without fear of foreigners.

“It is also the naturalization of young people with roots in other countries, spread elsewhere.”

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