Italy, Di Biagio: ‘We will be making some changes tomorrow, on Buffon-Donnarumma…’

26 March at 22:06

Interim Italian head coach Gigi Di Biagio spoke in his pre-game conference, here is what he had to say as his team are getting ready to face England tomorrow:

” Argentina? Well there are a lot of things that we will have to do better. Even if they didn’t create that much, we still lost the game. I think we did very well in the second half as we created 3-4 clear cut chances. Even so, we ended up losing so we can’t be happy with this. Let’s not forget that Argentina are also a very strong side so we also have to keep this under consideration. Change of formation? Yes there will be some changes within the starting 11. It’s an important moment during the season and not everyone is in top shape. I will use at least 4 different players from the start tomorrow. Donnarumma or Perin? A lot of youngsters have grown over the past few months but Donnarumma will be playing tomorrow. Future? I am not focused on this, let’s see…”.

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