Messi: ‘Dybala? With Juve he plays like me but with Argentina it’s harder…’

26 March at 20:28

Paulo Dybala (like Inter’s captain Mauro Icardi) wasn’t called up by the Argentine national team but the doors remain open for him. Argentina coach Sampaoli did recently state that “I am still considering Dybala, he is an idea”, which is something that will surely cheer the young Juve star up. Lionel Messi also spoke to the press today as he too talked about Dybala, here is what he had to say on the matter:

“Dybala? I spoke to Paulo and it is true that it isn’t always easy to play with me. With Juve he plays like me since we always try to find space on the field. With Argentina, he has to play a different role since I am also there. Playing on the left side isn’t easy for players like myself and Paulo since we like to play on the right hand side and cut to the middle. I fully understand Paulo and there isn’t anything to add…”.

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