Szczesny: ‘Allegri’s Juve future? He won’t be another Wenger’

26 March at 22:16

Juventus goalkeeper ​Wojciech Szczesny spoke to Tuttosport (via IlBianconero) about a few Juve topics. Here is what he had to say on the matter:

“Max Allegri’s Juve future? I don’t think he can have a Wenger type role. Allegri is doing great things at Juve for sure so let’s see how things go. Arsene Wenger also did great things when he started at Arsenal and he has done a very good job economically speaking of late for the club. As an Arsenal fan, I would certainly like to see them win more but I understand the financial side of the game too. Max Allegri has always wanted us to defend well. We know that we have a lot of great strikers and that we are going to score a lot of goals but the important thing is to defend well as a group. Usually, the team that concedes less goals at the end of the season is always crowned champions…”.

Juventus are currently first in the Italian Serie A standings as they have a two point advantage over second placed Napoli. There will be a head to head game between both side in a few weeks from now as this will be a huge game for both sides…

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