Sevilla president: ‘Montella is happy here’

27 March at 20:25

AC Milan had a difficult start to this past season as they took the decision to let go of then coach Vincenzo Montella (as he was replaced with Rino Gattuso). Montella did not stay unemployed for long as he joined Sevilla a few weeks later. Sevilla president José Castro spoke about Montella’s future with his club as he spoke to the press on the matter. Here is what he had to say:

“Montella? I spoke to him during our 4 days off. He is very relaxed and happy as he received a lot of support from our fans. He is very happy to be here at Sevilla and he is doing a very good job with us…”.

Montella’s Sevilla are currently 6th in la Liga standings as a top 4 finish seems unlikely. Even so, Sevilla eliminated Manchester United in the UCL as they will be taking Bayern Munich on next in the quarter-finals of the competition. Montella has a contract that will expire in 2019 with the Spanish club…

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