Former ‘Jerry Springer’ producer charged with murdering her sister

A former producer on 'The Jerry Springer Show' has been arrested on the charge of murder.

A former producer on “Jerry Springer” and “Sally Jessy Raphael” has reportedly been arrested for the murder of her sister. Jill Blackstone is believed to have aided her disabled sister in a mercy killing.

In 2015, Blackstone’s sister Wendy died from a combination of carbon monoxide poisoning and Xanax. A suicide note was left behind, but police later had reason to suspect that Jill wrote the note. Wendy, who was blind and partially deaf, was found in an enclosed garage along with three dogs. Jill herself was there and reportedly suffered from severe carbon monoxide poisoning herself, resulting in a two-day hospital stint. This led police to initially believe that the duo engaged in a suicide pact, but that Jill abandoned the agreement during its execution.

Wendy Blackstone (Facebook)

Wendy Blackstone  (Facebook)

According to TMZ, Blackstone was arrested in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Hospital on Tuesday on a warrant for murder and 3 counts of animal cruelty. She now faces extradition to Los Angeles for prosecution. It’s unclear what, if any, new evidence led to law enforcement’s decision to arrest Jill after all this time.

Jill was initially taken into custody following the 2015 incident, but the charges were dropped. However, police at the time said that they were still investigating the incident as a potential murder. Doubt was reportedly cast on Jill’s involvement after police say it became clear that she was the author of the suicide note. At the time, Jill said she had no idea that Wendy was suicidal.

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