Buffon: ‘I had to protect Juventus. Referee Oliver?…’

14 April

Gigi Buffon spoke about the Real-Juve game in an interview with “Le lene”, here is what he had to say on the matter:

” I don’t have to take a step back. I am someone who has a lot of passion, that’s what makes me the player I am. Was I right or wrong to talk like that? I can’t tell you this but it’s normal for me to talk once and a while. That’s who I am, Gigi Buffon. I was very disappointed by the result and the end to that game but it is now finished and we can’t do nothing about it. As I said, I won’t take a step back on what I had said. Referee Oliver? I still think that it was a mistake clearly. I don’t think a veteran referee would’ve gave the foul at that moment in the game. I think he will have a long career ahead of him but I still think that it was a mistake to put someone like him to referee a big game like this. I am still very happy by the performance we did but the result didn’t follow. It would’ve been great for Italy, especially after Roma’s incredible result. Juve? I had to defend the team and my teammates at that moment in time…”.

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