Inter, Icardi: ‘Let’s hope that we have more luck tonight…’

14 April

Inter Milan are set to take on Atalanta in what will be a very important game for both sides. Inter Milan captain Mauro Icardi spoke to Inter TV ahead of the game as he had this to say on the matter:

” Two games without a goal? It’s true, facts are facts. I could’ve scored a few goals in the derby that’s for sure where is in Torino, the keeper did a great job. I hope to score today against Atalanta, let’s see. Atalanta? They are a very good side, it won’t be easy for us tonight. They are very organized and they have a lot of individual talent. We have to play well today and we have to win if we want to reach our objectives. Hopefully we have more luck tonight as this was missing in our past two games. You and Papu Gomez? I hope that he has a quiet game tonight! We all know that he can make the difference so we will be hoping that our defenders block him off well…”.

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