Donnarumma decisive in Scudetto race between Juventus and Napoli

15 April at 22:34

Napoli were held to a draw at the San Siro earlier today, while Juventus won their game with easy, beating Sampdoria by three goals.

Almost perfect results for Juventus, who now are six points clear at the top, increasing the chances of them winning their 7th consecutive Scudetto. Napoli, on the other hand, are now seeing their dream of finally winning the league disappear more and more, having struggled recently.
However, hadn’t it been for Donnarumma, the situation could have been so much different. The youngster played a key role in Milan shutting the visitors down this afternoon, keeping AC Milan’s first clean sheet in six games against Napoli.
The Partenopei failed to create any dangerous chances in the first half, while the second half offered some end-to-end football, although their problem remained the lack of chances.
Milik’s entrance in the second half really changed Napoli’s approach, as they now were able to hurt Milan in two ways; down the middle and on the flanks. This was evident in the 92nd minute, as Milan for once lost track of the Napoli players and Milik was left with only Donnarumma to beat.
At first sight, it looked like Milik had done everything right, placing the ball towards the bottom right corner, leaving Donnarumma for dead, at least so we thought. Somehow, some way, Gigio got a hand on the ball and heroicly saved the day for the Rossoneri, while he arguably ruined not just the day for Napoli, but perhaps also the Scudetto race.
Two important points lost for the visitors, which may prove to be costly come May, with their competitors Juventus seemingly cruising through whatever comes their way.
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