Totti teases Barcelona after Roma’s Champions League win

15 April

Roma legend Francesco Totti was one the main hosts of Italy’s TV program ‘Amici di Maria De Filippi’ yesterday night.

The former Italy striker was asked his thoughts on Roma’s Champions League against Barcelona have made people talking: “The return leg seemed to be a useless one. Everybody thought we’d have been eliminated. Barcelona were happy to have been drawn with Roma. The result o the first game was expected by everybody. Not the second one though.”

“I still gave goosebumps when I watch the images of the game. We deserved to win, we deserved to go through. It was a memorable game.”

​Totti did also talk about his career as a footballer: “Sometimes when you play football you have to make some sacrifices. You don’t go out with friends at week-ends, you don’t go to the disco. It was I dream I had since I was I kid. I fulfilled it with determination, passion and a bit of luck as well. I’ve always wanted to be a footballer. That’s the only thing I can do.”

Talking about his future, Totti said: “Become a manager? Well, I sat on the bench for quite a long in the last two years but you can always learn positive things from negative ones.”

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