Bad news Argentina fans: Aguero won’t be fit for World Cup

19 April

Argentina fans have been hit by some very bad news indeed: it looks like Sergio Aguero will struggle to make an appearance at the World Cup, and that he will be out of shape if he does end up playing.

Speaking to the press (via 101greatgoals), Argentina’s team doctor, Homero D’Agostino, expected the Manchester City star to miss five weeks, and that his fitness will be a major question mark anyway.

El Kun went down to a knee injury as City defeated Chelsea 1-0. He ended up missing the Sky Blues’ Champions League elimination at the hands of Liverpool, and could miss a crucial tournament too, having undergone an arthroscopy.

“That a player has undergone an arthroscopy with 60 days to go before the World Cup is worrying,” D’Agostino told Radio 10.

“The recovery process will require at least five weeks. When one has old injuries, the recovery process is not as fast as one would like it to be.

“It’s never going to be less than three or four weeks, or even more.”

Argentine look rather light at the back, so it is more important than ever that their attack is sharp. The Albiceleste were close to not qualifying, but made the most of some of their rivals’ slip-ups to finish fourth in the CONMEBOL qualifying stage and avoid the playoffs.

“I imagine that he will not arrive 100 percent fit with the limited time that is left before the World Cup,” D’Agostino continued about Aguero, who had scored 30 goals in all comps (seven assists) before going down injured.

“The anatomy is the anatomy. The injury is what it is. He can try but I don’t think he will arrive 100 percent.

“The important thing is to know what he had. The doctors would have tried to resolve the issue in a conservative manner, non-surgically, but they were unsuccessful.

“The arthroscopy is a process that you do when there are old injuries.”

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