Can Conte save his job if Chelsea qualify for the Champions League?

19 April

With the end seemingly close to Antonio Conte’s bitter-sweet Chelsea tenure, its coming to a rather sorry end. The club is currently fifth in the table, eight points behind fourth-placed arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur, with just four games to be played in the Premier League.

With the Blues yet to play Liverpool in the Premier League and Tottenham to play all lower placed sides in the games left out, chances of making it to the top four seem very slim for the Blues. And while Antonio Conte seems to be on his way, it does seem very unlikely that finishing inside the top four will help Conte in keeping his job.

And he should not have it too, with the club now performing well below its level. Last season seems like a far-fetched fantasy to how things are right now. The certainty and the tactical identity about the side has eroded. He has gone about changing things too often, be it the formation or the line-up. And it has come down to this.

Not just that, but his relationship with club owner Roman Abramovich has broken down, with the Russian pulling off political moves to undermine the role of the Italian boss, as evident from the appointment of Marina Granovskaia as the director of the club to make sure that things go Roman’s way and not Conte’s way. And its clear from the fact that Michael Emenalo resigned from his post when the politics at the club had begun to trouble Conte at the end of the year.

And everytime Chelsea step foot onto the pitch, there seems to be a feeble uncertainty about them. And the players can’t help it if the manager isn’t clear about his future and has lost the passion that he had for the club last season. It would be fair to say that Conte looks like a mere shadow of himself on the touchline. He seems to have lost the energy, the enthusiasm to manage the club, amidst the politics that has taken over.

And Conte can’t survive and function at an environment that suffocates him the way Roman Abramovich’s reign is. It would be better for Chelsea and Conte to part ways to begin their lives in different directions.
Kaustubh Pandey(@Kaus_Pandey17)

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