Perin: “I dream of playing in the Champions League”

19 April

Mattia Perin spoke to the media about his dream to play in the Champions League one day.

“Playing in the Champions League is the ambition of every player – a dream I have had since I was a kid. We’ll see if I’ll have the opportunity do it. However, at the moment I’m focused on Genoa and what we will do for the rest of the season, then we’ll see what happens,” Perin told media during a charity event earlier today.
The Genoa goalkeeper has been spoken about as the player to replace Buffon in the National team, having performed on the highest level for Genoa when fit. However, Perin has struggled with injuries during his career, keeping him out for several long periods. Now, he has to battle with AC Milan’s Gigio Donnarumma for a spot in the starting eleven.
It remains to be seen where he’ll play next season. One thing’s for sure, should he want to leave, then he’ll have no issues with finding a worthy employer.
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