Abbiati rues lack of good finishing at Milan

21 April

AC Milan club manager and former legendary goalkeeper Christian Abbiati has rued the lack of quality finish this season in an exclusive interview with CalcioMercato.

Now 40, Abbiati joined Milan way back in 1998 and stayed there till 2016, before retiring as a Milan player itself. He made over 300 appearances for the club and later took over as a club manager, acting as a middleman between the team and the club.

In an interview that Abbiati recently gave to CalcioMercato, he talked about the club’s inabilit to score too many goals and how a lack of quality finishing has costed them a lot of points this season. The Italian said: “None of our strikers has reached the double figures.”

“We create a lot, but we finalize little. However, we have great confidence in our attackers, we hope they will soon do better.”

Abbiati also praised Rino Gattuso. He said: “Since Gattuso came, we have won 34 point and it is an excellent average. We have tried to reach those in front of us and now we have to maintain this position ”
Kaustubh Pandey(@Kaus_Pandey17)

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