Gattuso: ‘I am ashamed, AC Milan seemed a marching band’

21 April

AC Milan boss Gennaro Gattuso was brutally honest when asked to comment the rossoneri’s 1-0 home defeat against Benevento: “Play football is not enough when you have no soul and when you make many mistakes. Strikers are not the problem, right now we must get back on truck. We must be more humble and I am the one to be blamed for this situation because I see the lads during the week and they all train hard. But these are the results so I should make myself some questions”, Gattuso told Sky.

“It’s a huge step back, we must get back on track. It’s too easy to come here and say ere are tired. Other clubs are tired as well but we lost tonight, we need to change our attitude. There was no soul. There is no soul, I am very disappointed. We didn’t make any good move up front, sometimes the lads did stuff we had never tried in training before. It was nonsense, we always did the wrong choice, we always went the opposite direction.

We looked like a marching band sometimes but don’t get me wrong I am the most responsible for this defeat. Europa League? We must watch ourselves in the eyes and understand what’s the problem. The problem is how we do things, we always wait to be hit before showing any reaction. It’s not enough to pass the ball to your teammates, there must be more than this. I took responsibility because I knew we could struggle with two strikers.

“I am ashamed, I knew this could be a tough game, I told the lads, I knew since three days. Maybe I wasn’t able to make myself understand. I’m ashamed and I feel the first responsible for this.”

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