Inter: Spalletti reveals why Brozović is such an important player

21 April

Inter coach Luciano Spalletti has spoken to the media ahead of his side’s trip to Verona, where they will face Chievo tomorrow afternoon at 15:00 CET. Here is what he had to say:

“We know our stats well, along with our strengths and faults. At this point of the season, we need to go one step further and really put our heart into it because we can’t put anything off.

“With his character, Gagliardini will be looking to get back as soon as possible. However, we still have all the credentials to match any opponent.

“Rafinha has been managed well so far and has trained with the squad consistently over the past few weeks. He doesn’t have any problems. Vecino? He’s trained well and can play from the start.

“I don’t know what Inter has over some of the other teams competing for the Champions League. However, I am sure that we are not lacking anything either. We are Inter and this must be our extra bit of quality.

“We are ready for anything. We know who we are and how to make the difference during a game. We can put in a good performance tomorrow, aware that at this moment in time, it takes more than just showing our qualities.

“Brozović has character and can help add something more to the team. I am convinced that he’s now found the right balance to help provide important contributions as we’ve seen in recent games.

“During this final stage of the season, the most important match for us is always the next one. We must remain focused on Chievo to reach our objective.

“There are some important possibilities regardless of what our final league position is. Obviously qualifying for the Champions League can help us to consolidate and enhance everything.”

Jordan Russell (@JordRuss96)

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