Monchi urges Roma to focus on Liverpool & Anfield Road

21 April

Roma director of football Monchi reacted to the giallorossi win against Spal on Saturday afternoon, urging his lads to focus on the upcoming Champions League semi-final tie against Liverpool.

Monchi’s post-match tweet has quickly become viral among Roma fans: “Now yes!! It’s time to focus on the Champions League and Anfielf Road. Sometimes dream that seem impossible to reach but can come true. Come on Roma!

The Spanish director had talked to Premium Sport before the game praising Patrick Shcick who has later scored his first Serie A goal with the Serie A giants. “Schick is reaching the level we expected. He played well against Barcelona and Lazio and everybody at the club trust him.”

“We will have to important days in Liverpool but the league is also important because we must qualify for the Champions League. We must remain united because it’s going to be a thrilling month for every Roma fan out there.”



Adesso sì, adesso la testa alla UCL, la testa ad Anfield. Adesso tempo per sognare perché i sogni che sembrano irrealizzabili si compiono ad occhi aperti
Daje Roma!!!!

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