Gattuso and Fassone confront players as squad returns to training early

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22 April
Milan returned to training today, effectively cancelling the two days of rest scheduled before the sensational defeat against Benevento. Ahead of the training session, there was a confrontation in the locker room between Rino Gattuso, Marco Fassone and the team.
During the confrontation, Marco Fassone and Rino Gattuso reminded all the players of what AC Milan represents in the world, and what it means to wear such a significant shirt. The players were asked to clear their minds, as they can’t let the Europa League spot slip through their fingers, after failing to get back in the Champions League race.
All of the players listened. In fact, not even captain Bonucci or any of the other experienced players took the floor to explain the reasons behind the recent failure.
The players are now switching their focus to the Coppa Italia final, which will be played in just over two weeks.
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