Allegri teases Napoli: ‘We play 57 games per year, others give up in December’

23 April

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri lost his cool during yesterday’s press conference after the Old Lady’s 1-0 home defeat against Napoli.

The Italian tactician was asked why Juventus were unable to dominate the game like they did in Madrid and the reply of the Old Lady’s boss was pretty straightforward:

“Juventus have been playing 57 games every season for the last fours years. How many games do other clubs play? They stop in December, they are eliminated in the Coppa Italia, they are eliminated in the Champions League, they are eliminated from every competition and we play 57 games.”

“We can say nothing to the lads, we will play a great game on Saturday. I don’t know if we will play or if we will lose. When you play 57 games you lose lot of energies, physically and mentally. Juventus played two Champions League finals in four years and were eliminated in the stoppage time in the other two occasions. The others have no more extra games to play from November.”

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