Di Francesco: “Liverpool can’t rely only on Salah, I can picture the atmosphere at Anfield”

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23 April
Eusebio Di Francesco spoke at the press conference ahead of his side’s encounter with Liverpool on Tuesday evening. Here’s what he had to say.

On Anfield: “Already I can picture the atmosphere of tomorrow evening, this stadium is beautiful. We Italians are not accustomed to having fans so close to the pitch.

On the game: “We will need the strength to play together, as a team which is fundamental. We return from the race against Barcelona, knowing that we’ll face a team with rhythm and a different intensity. Our fans will be important as well.”

On three at the back and Schick vs. Under: “Under is at 50% currently, Schick is a possibility. This team knows two different styles of play, I only have to decide which is the best. I’m not telling you what I have decided. Managing the two phases will be decisive.”

On being similar to Klopp: We are very similar. I like his football philosophy a lot and I’m happy, however, at the same time, I’m worried about facing a coach with this mentality. He has already shown much more than me.”

On Alisson: “We can’t rely on just one player, just as Liverpool can’t rely only on Salah. Alisson is very ready as all the others called up. He’s a great goalkeeper.”

On a potential future in England: For now, I hold onto Roma. However, I never say never. It must be exciting to train in an English stadium, but that’s not my priority at the moment. Klopp can only say spaghetti in Italian, I can only say hamburgers in English.”

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