Pallotta: ‘We have to play like Roma against Chelsea and Barça. Klopp and Salah…’

23 April

Roma president James Pallotta talked to Sky Sport ahead of the giallorossi’s Champions League tie against Liverpool. The giallorossi have already won against Chelsea and Barclona this season and the club’s president hopes his lads will manage to do the same against Liverpool: “I like the fact that we will play the return tie in Roma. We won against Chelsea and Barcelona at home. In London we conceded three goals with our mistakes. I’d love to win 3-0 again but it’s not so easy to score against Liverpool. Anything can happen. If we play like we did against Chelsea and Barcelona we can beat anyone.”

SALAH – “He is not the most dangerous footballer they have. He needs to have somebody who assists him, the entire team is dangerous and they are doing an excellent campaign. Manchester City won the title but I don’t think they are better than us. I wrote to Guardiola after his title win. We have a different style, Premier League clubs are more offensive, Italians are more tactical-minded.”

KLOPP  – “He is a great manager. He didn’t have great results last season but this season he has left the mark. He is smart in using Salah. We couldn’t play him as centre forward because Dzeko was playing in that position and scored 36 goals in all competitions. Klopp did an amazing job with Salah.”

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