Strootman: ‘Salah doesn’t pick up the phone’

Strootman Roma serio maglia bianca

23 April

Roma star Kevin Strootman talked to La Repubblica ahead of tomorrow’s clash against Liverpool: “I will never say that the Barcelona game was my best one because I hope the best one has yet to come. We will play against a top club, Bayern and Real are from another level, Liverpool are doing well. Salah is definitely the most dangerous player right now and we won’t be friends on the pitch. I’ ve tried to call him lately but he doesn’t pick up the phone. He must have changed his number like six times. I will write to him after the semi-final.”

“I think I’ve watched the video of our third goal against Barcelona 500 times. Before the game we thought there was maybe a 10% of chance to qualify but after we scored the first goal, we told each other that we could made it. After the first goal I was sure they wouldn’t have reached us.”

“The leaders of this team are Kolarov and De Rossi. If we win I am a leader, if we lose I am not anymore. That’s how it works in football and leader is a world I don’t really like.”

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