Di Francesco explains Liverpool supremacy

24 April

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke to PremiumSport after his side’s 5-2 defeat away to Liverpool in the first leg of the CL semi-finals.

“It was a different game compared to the one with Barcelona, we started really well. However, if we lose so many defensive duels and continue to lose our marking, then we lose our minds, and the ability to stay in the game.

“In the first minutes of the first half, the balance was there, but our ideas died out when we continued to lose duels. The reaction we showed late on is important for the return leg. We must believe and have the attitude of the final.
“Another comeback? In football everything can happen, of course, it is not always easy. It will be a different game, but the desire to turn it around is there. The desire must be there, we must believe in it until the end. I totally believe in it.
“We weren’t united, and we didn’t do well. I hope to see a team with a different determination.”
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