Materazzi: ‘Why Juve can’t beat Inter’

Il difensore dell\'Inter Marco Materazzi

24 April

Inter legend Marco Materazzi talked to La Gazzetta dello Sport ahead of the nerazzurri Serie A tie against Juventus.

Juventus are desperate to get the three points and maintain distances with Napoli, whilst Inter need points to qualify for the Champions League.

“I think Inter will win”, Materazzi says.

“They can’t let this chance go. Inter must qualify for the Champions League and a win would create so much troubles to Juventus. Interisti would celebrate twice. Juve are dangerous, especially when they are angry. But San Siro is Inter’s home and Juve can’t win there. Failing to win against Juve, however, would create trouble to Inter.”

“Inter have quality but it takes time to reach the level of Napoli and Juve. With restrictions of Fiancial Fair play they can make no mistake in the transfer window. De Vrij is a bargain for example. He is a leader as well as a defender capable of scoring 6-7 goals per season.”

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