Sweden Coach: Ibra isn’t going to the World Cup

Ibrahimovic Svezia

24 April

Zlatan Ibrahimovic won’t be playing at the World Cup for Sweden, the Scandinavians’ Coach has revealed. 

Ibra, who is now 36, moved to LA Galaxy recently, scoring three goals in four MLS games.

He recently tweeted that his hopes were “sky-high”, but manager Janne Anderson doused the flames by saying that Ibra is “definitely not” part of his plans.

‘Ibrahimovic said no to the national team. He was not going to be in the team after the (2016) European Championship, and I respected him,” Janne Anderson said to TYC Sport.

“If you rejected the team, I do not think you should come back, I respect what he said and those who said ‘yes.’ (Ibrahimovic) has not called me, but he’s definitely not included in the plans for the World Cup.”

The former international has netted 62 goals for his country in 116 games, and is particularly appreciated in Serie A where he played for Juventus, Milan and Inter.

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