Texas mom who tried to burn children in car ‘invited us all to come with her to go to heaven,’ witness says

Ana Ester Segovia has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a family member after allegedly trying to burn her three daughters alive at a car wash in Houston over the weekend.

The Texas mother who allegedly tried to burn a car with her three daughters inside had told a crowd of startled bystanders they should “come with her to go to heaven,” a witness says.

Gerardo Cortez, who owns the El Rey Car Wash in Houston, where the incident unfolded Sunday night, says Ana Ester Segovia made the statement while running away from her burning vehicle.

“That’s when she said – she invited us all to come with her to go to heaven,” Cortez told FOX26 Houston.

Cortez said Segovia pulled one of her daughters by the hair when she tried to escape the car, before revving the vehicle up and setting the engine ablaze with the girls inside.

Other witnesses reported hearing Segovia say to her children “we’re going to see Jesus.”

Segovia currently is facing three counts of aggravated assault on a family member. She ran away from the burning car with her 9, 11, and 13-year-old daughters, all of whom were unharmed in the incident.

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