3 more radioactive sludge barrels rupture at Idaho site

Officials at an eastern Idaho nuclear site where a radioactive sludge barrel ruptured inside a contained building say there have been three other ruptures.

Officials say a closed-circuit video monitor has been set up.

U.S. Department of Energy contractor Fluor Idaho said a crew wearing protective gear entered the building Wednesday to put in the monitoring system where the four 55-gallon (208-liter) barrels ruptured.

An alarm on April 11 alerted officials that a barrel ruptured at the 890-square-mile (2,305-square-kilometer) federal site that includes the Idaho National Laboratory. Officials say there were no injuries and there’s no threat to the public. It’s believed the other barrels ruptured on the same day.

The barrels contain material likely from nuclear weapons production at the Rocky Flats Plant near Denver transported to Idaho in the 1960s.

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