Alfie Evans’ dad giving toddler mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to ‘keep him alive’

Alfie Evans cuddles his mother Kate James (left) at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool, England. The boy's father, Tom Evans, is pictured on the right.

Alfie Evans’ parents are tonight giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to keep him alive after a court ruled he cannot be flown to Italy for treatment.

Tom Evans said he and Alfie’s mum Kate have been forced to help Alfie’s breathing after “his lips turned blue.”

Speaking outside Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool, U.K., heartbroken Tom added: “We were doing what a nurse should have been doing to sustain his life.

“Now they are saying that he looks really good but we all know he should be in Italy right now.”

Tom Evans y Kate James, padres de Alfie Evans, un niño con una enfermedad terminal, en Inglaterra, el 19 de diciembre de 2017. (Philip Toscano/PA via AP,file)

Alfie Evans’ parents, Kate James and Tom Evans, have said they want to take their ill son to Italy but British courts have blocked their efforts.  (AP)

A High Court judge earlier made the devastating call to reject a last-ditch attempt to take Alfie abroad — but asked doctors if it is possible to consider letting the 23-month-old tot go home.

Alfie’s parents have been embroiled in a lengthy battle for their son – who is suffering an unknown degenerative brain condition – to continue receiving treatment.

He has been in a “semi-vegetative state” for more than a year and is currently only receiving oxygen after being taken off life support last night.

Doctors argued that it was in Alfie’s best interest to end his life support — a view consistently backed by the courts.

Responding tonight, a weary Tom said: “I’ve got an uncle that could just do everything that the nurses do down to a tee and he’s medically trained to do this so I’m just going to keep on fighting for Alfie.”

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