Klopp: Liverpool were almost perfect against Roma

Klopp Liverpool

25 April

Jurgen Klopp has lavished praise on his Liverpool side after their 5-2 win over Roma in the Champions League.

The first leg of the semi-final was seen as a potential trap, Roma having knocked out Barcelona and the Anfield side known for conceding goals cheaply.

5-0 ahead on 69 minutes, the Reds did allow Roma to get back into the tie with two late goals, but the German Coach was full of kind words, saying that the performance was “perfect” for most of the game.

​Speaking after the game to BT Sport, he said that it was a “Long term perfect performance for pretty much 80 minutes or so.

“We made defensively one mistake. Penalty is not a penalty, but that is the situation and now it is 5-2.

“Of course we would have been more happy with 5-0 or 5-1, but 5-2 is a fantastic result. We go there and try again.

“We had all these runs behind, it changed the game completely and they couldn’t cope with that.

“We scored these goals and could have scored more.

“That is all positive, at this moment it doesn’t feel all positive because they scored these two goals, but tomorrow I will see the really good part of the game”, Klopp stressed.

“It is absolutely better than I thought before the game, but at the moment of course a little mistake.”

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