Uefa warns Roma after Liverpool stabbing incident

Tifosi Roma Anfield Liverpool

25 April

Uefa has warned Roma after the stabbing incident occurred in front of Anfield Road yesterday night. Reports in England claim that that a Liverpool fan was stabbed following clashes between groups of supporters of the two clubs. Paramedics treated the stabbing victim close to the Albert before taking him to hospital.

“Uefa will take action after the vile attack occurred before the Champions League final”, a representative of Uefa told Ansa.

“Our thoughts are now with the victim and his family. The authors of this vile attack have no place in football and we will make sure that they will be treated with the maximum severity .”

“Uefa are waiting to read the reports of what happened before the game before making and decision and possibly take action.”

Roma had released an official statement earlier this morning:

AS Roma condemns in the strongest possible terms the abhorrent behavior of a small minority of traveling fans who brought shame on the club and the vast majority of Roma’s well-behaved supporters at Anfield after getting involved in clashes with Liverpool supporters before last night’s fixture.

There is no place for this type of vile behavior in football and the club is now cooperating with Liverpool Football Club, UEFA and the authorities.

The club’s thoughts and prayers are with the 53-year-old Liverpool fan in hospital and his family at this time

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