Killer wife in ‘calculated’ love triangle murder-suicide sought marriage help before shooting, report says


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Jennair Gerardot, 47, left, shot and killed 33-year-old Meredith Chapman after learning of an affair between her and Gerardot's husband, police say.

A Delaware woman who shot and killed a Villanova University official who was having an affair with her husband reportedly tried to get marriage help from users on an app months before the shocking murder-suicide.

Jennair Gerardot, 47, turned to the NextDoor app upon her move from South Carolina to Wilmington and asked her new community if anyone knew a good divorce lawyer, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Wednesday.

Gerardot posted a note in February looking for a “reputable and successful and driven divorce attorney” and a month later she returned looking for an “EXCELLENT marriage counselor,” according to the newspaper.

Later, it appeared that she was seeking marriage therapy.

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PA Mark Geradot

Mark Gerardot and his wife, Jennair.  (Instagram)

“We will need someone who is very educated and experienced dealing with couples issues including infidelity, depression, traumatic experiences, child/parent dynamics, being accountable for actions, etc.,” Gerardot wrote, according to the newspaper.

It’s unclear if Gerardot and her husband Mark Geradot ever sought marriage counseling.

A set of car keys was found in Gerardot’s possession after the incident and investigators determined that she actually drove to the crime scene and did not take the train, Radnor police said in a Wednesday news release. They said the medical examiner’s office turned the keys over to the police.

Detectives located a black Cadillac XTS that Gerardot was confirmed to have rented parked on a street near the crime scene, police said.

Inside the car, authorities found a set of binoculars, ammunition, rubber gloves, and ear plugs, police said. A gas station receipt was also reportedly found, placing her in the area at 2:40 p.m. on Monday.

The shooting of 33-year-old Meredith Chapman in Radnor Township, Pa., was meticulously planned, officials said.

“You had a man who was married who was having an affair with this other woman,” Police Superintendent William Colarulo said, according to The Associated Press. “The wife knew about it, and this was a calculated, planned attack.”


Meredith Chapman, 33, was gunned down in her home.  (University of Delaware)

Colarulo said Gerardot broke into Chapman’s home through a front door before she came home from work. Gerardot cleaned up the pieces of glass inside Chapman’s home, to avoid alerting Chapman to her presence, and then waited there with her Taurus Tracker .357 revolver. Police said Geradot shot and killed Chapman before turning the gun on herself.

Mark Gerardot, at police headquarters, later stated that there was a “domestic issue” all three were dealing with, police said.

“We sympathize with both families because this tragedy has rocked their world. It’s also rocked the world of our township and the residents who live around there,” said Christopher Flanagan, the Deputy Superintendent of Radnor Township Police.

Greg Norman, Elizabeth Zwirz and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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