Liverpool-Roma stabbing: fans arrested denies attempting to murder Sean Cox

Roma tifosi bandiera

26 April

Filippo Lombardi and Daniele Sciusco, the two Roma fans arrested in Liverpool and charged with attempted murder yesterday, deny they are responsible for the attack to Sean Cox, the Liverpool fan who is now in hospital in critical condition.

Lombardi and Sciusco had been questioned by English authorities in Liverpool during the last few hours but both fans denied they attacked Sean Cox and exercised their right to remain silent when due to reply to other accusations (disorders and damages).

Lorenzo Contucci, the lawyer of the two fans arrested, tasked the English Law Firm ‘Football Law Associates’ to follow the case and released a quick statement to“We are waiting for the formal accusation by English authorities. At the moment, for one of the two guys the accusation of ‘attempted murder’ is swapped with ‘serious injury’. The other accusation is only ‘severe disorders’.”

Roma released an official statement yesterday:

AS Roma condemns in the strongest possible terms the abhorrent behavior of a small minority of traveling fans who brought shame on the club and the vast majority of Roma’s well-behaved supporters at Anfield after getting involved in clashes with Liverpool supporters before last night’s fixture.

There is no place for this type of vile behavior in football and the club is now cooperating with Liverpool Football Club, UEFA and the authorities.

The club’s thoughts and prayers are with the 53-year-old Liverpool fan in hospital and his family at this time.

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