‘Messenger of meth’ crashes minivan on South Carolina National Guard property after traffic jam rage, cops say

Marion Samuel Corba, the self-proclaimed “Messenger of meth,” allegedly wrecked his vehicle on the grounds of the South Carolina National Guard Armory.

The self-proclaimed “messenger of meth” vented his anger at a traffic jam by guiding his minivan into multiple collisions and then wrestling the military police officers who stopped him from breaking into a South Carolina National Guard Armory, cops said.

The Springdale Police Department chronicled the alleged April 19 escapades of Marion Samuel Corba, 31, on its Facebook page — including how they learned his distinctive nickname.

Police said Corba’s spree started when the “man with a message” struck two vehicles with his minivan after apparently growing impatient with a traffic jam. The crash left Corba’s vehicle without one of it’s tires — but he kept driving until he ended up in front of the South Carolina National Guard Armory, where Corba took out a sign and struck a parked car, officials said.

Then, Corba, with nowhere else to go, attempted to flee on foot and break into the armory, authorities said. But military police officers rushed in and detained Corbauntil the Springdale Police Department arrived. Corba, however, put up a struggle with cops, trying to wrestle the officers after they found a dagger in his pocket, police said.

The officers were eventually able to strap him to a bed so he could be transported to a hospital — and that’s when Corba allegedly began to sing. His songs, police said, accused the officers of being “evil spirits” and proclaimed himself the “messenger of meth.”

Corba was charged with hit and run attended vehicle, hit and run unattended vehicle, resisting arrest, unlawful weapon, and malicious injury to property.

Police wrote on Facebook it was “safe to assume that his message will lead to at least one additional charge in the near future.”

And then the cops added a moral to the story: “Meth leads to jail.”

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