Three Arizona motorcyclists stop in their tracks to help elderly woman cross street

Three motorcyclists stopped in their tracks Sunday to help an elderly woman cross the street in a busy intersection in Arizona.

Patrick Patterson, Eduardo Plascenia and Damon Pruit were cruising on their bikes in Mesa when they witnessed an elderly woman struggling to cross a busy intersection, ABC 15 reported. The woman became dangerously stuck in the middle of the crosswalk.

 No one seemed to care,” Eduardo Plascencia told ABC 15. “No one slowed down and no one offered assistance.”

Video from Patterson’s helmet showed him and Plascenia turning around to help the woman out of the road. Pruit had already stopped to assist the woman.

The three men used their bikes to stop traffic in order to let the woman cross safely. After she made it across, the woman thanked the motorcyclists and waved.

“She thanked us adamantly. She waved at us and thanked us. She had stopped shaking and had extended her hand to Eduardo and Damon and I behind her,” Patterson said.

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