Branchini on Italy job search: ‘Ancelotti meeting should have remained secret’

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28 April

Agent Giovanni Branchini spoke at Radio Deejay’s microphones during the Deejay Football Club broadcast about the meeting in Rome with Ancelotti about potentially becoming Italy’s next coach.

“It seems to me that there are some difficulties.” The meeting with Ancelotti should have remained secret and instead it came out and these are never good things. In any case I think that Carlo has always had a rather neat closing position on the possibility of holding the role of technical commissioner, but above all that makes me angry to see how we think about the problem of ct as the main one.

No one has a magic wand and there are still many other priorities to think about, at this moment we just have to think about proceeding and avoiding going backwards. if I have to name Ranieri, that would be the right person right now and who has always shown enthusiasm for this role.”

Scudetto race? “It makes me kind of sad to see how everything is brought back to Allegri’s alleged wrong and too defensive tactics. At certain times of the season the champions have to win the matches: maybe a few years ago Buffon would not have given up a corner on Callejon’s shot, Napoli would not have scored and today we would say that Allegri has got everything right,”