Man Utd: Pogba reveals why he is treated unfairly

28 April

During an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Manchester United superstar Paul Pogba told Geoff Shreeves that he believes his performances are judged on goals and assists, a different criterion to other midfielders in the Premier League. Here is what he had to say on the matter:

“It’s quite funny because we don’t judge me on the midfield part. We judge me on assists and goals and that’s the truth. I can make an outstanding game, but if I don’t score or make an assist they will say, ‘that is normal’, or whatever. But if someone else does it, it is different. They will maybe be man of the match.

“I think I’m judged differently, but it’s good. It makes me improve as well, it is a challenge for me and I take it in a good way. I don’t take it in a bad way. I’ll try to score and makes assists and that’s it. I still want to do my job in midfield. If I can help the team in attack and defence and make a difference I will do it. If I can score and assist it is even better.”

(Sky Sports)

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