Trans woman arrested after trying to burn pro-police flag at pride parade, police say

A New Jersey transgender woman was arrested after trying to light a pro-police flag on fire at the Philadelphia Pride Parade on Sunday, police said.

Ryan Segin, 18, of Woodbine, was charged with attempted arson, causing a catastrophe and reckless endangerment of another person among other offenses, according to

While flag burning isn’t illegal, police said Segin tried to light the Thin Blue Line Flag in a crowd of people, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Police said officers stopped her before the flag was lit.

Amber Hikes, Philadelphia’s LGBT affairs director, said in a Facebook post Monday that she helped Segin make bail. Hikes also said that Segin had been sent to a men’s prison before being released.

Some rallied in support of Segin and contributed donations to help her with her legal defense, according to Philly Socialists.

“The police have no place at Pride,” Philly Socialists said in a Facebook post. “Police represent an affront to LGBTQ people and people of color, many of whom have who have died at the hands of police.”

Nearly $2,000 had been raised in support of Segin, according to the Inquirer.


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