Michael Goodwin: Trump-Kim summit brings out the cynics (when we should be looking forward with hope)

This is a glorious day for cynics, especially lazy ones. It doesn’t take much effort to find loopholes, inconsistencies and other deficiencies in the agreement signed by President Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Start with the fact that fulfilling the primary promise, denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, would involve such a vast physical, logistical and scientific undertaking that it’s easy to bet it will never happen, at least not all of it.

There’s also the track record of deals North Korea broke before the ink was dry, and the lack of any evidence that this murderous Kim will prove more trustworthy than his murderous father or grandfather. Besides, why would China let him give up his greatest leverage when it could cost the Red puppet master a key buffer and major irritant against America?

Any or all of these could become deal killers. If so, that will become clear in time.

But today should be declared a holiday from nitpicking, a time to celebrate what has been accomplished instead of fixating on the possible pitfalls. It is an occasion to look forward with hope, instead of backward with suspicion.