Car bomb kills two civilians, injures three

A car bomb explosion killed a woman and a child and injured three other civilians in Afghanistan’s Central Logar province, local media reported on Tuesday, citing officials.

The blast comes days after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani clared the end of truce with the Taliban movement, saying that the operations of the country’s armed forces would resume.

The local authorities have confirmed the casualties, according to the TOLO newsbroadcaster.

Along with the two victims, three other women also sustained wounds in the explosion.

The blast broke out on Monday evening in the provincial capital of Pol-e Alam close to the 4th unit of the 203rd Tandar Corps of the Afghan Army.

Officials from the corps reportedly said that the target was a foreign troops convoy, without providing further details.

The U.S. Forces in Afghanistan confirmed the attack on a U.S. patrol in the province, adding that it caused no U.S. casualties and only minor damage to a U.S. vehicle.

The forces, however, have no information on civilian victims, the media outlet reported.

Taliban has reportedly already claimed responsibility for the attack, purporting that five foreign troops were killed in the blast.

On June 7, Ghani declared a unilateral ceasefire with the Taliban from June 11 to June 19 to mark Eid al-Fitr holiday.

On June 17, he prolonged the ceasefire by 10 days, and called on the militants to follow suit.

The radical movement observed the three-day Eid truce but rejected the government’s request to prolong the ceasefire.

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